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Grow Up Green
  • When it comes to cloth nappies, there is not much that Grow Up Green doesn’t know. With over 9 years of experience using them, and training undertaken with Cambridgeshire Real Nappy Network (as was), owner, Aggie Maxwell, can advise on which reusable nappies will suit you and your baby. Offering a range of cloth nappies, from all-in-ones  such as Bum Genius Freetimes and Tots Bots Easyfits, to pocket nappies such as Bum Genius V4s and Wonderoos, from fitted nappies from brands like Naturebabies and Tots Bots, to hybrids like Gro Via, we have something that will suit every lifestyle and every pocket.

  • In Newcastle, Sunderland, North and South Tyneside, Northumberland and Gateshead, Aggie and her agents offer a cloth nappy trial kit service, which allows you to give reusables a go, without investing huge amounts up front.

    As well as nappies, Grow Up Green stocks a range of accessories helping you to help your baby grow up green.

  • Being passionate about real nappies, we are happy to talk to anyone who will listen. So get in touch if you need someone to talk about nappies at antenatal groups, baby socials, breastfeeding cafes or baby shows.

    We also have local meets, joint with Parenting North East sling library, where you can come along, see cloth nappies up close, ask for advice and meet like-minded parents.