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Grow Up Green
  • Want to try real nappies, but don’t know where to start? With Grow Up Green you can try before you buy. If you live in the North East, Grow Up Green offers a cloth nappy trial service, giving you the opportunity to try before you buy. At the end of the trial you will know if cloth nappies are for you, and which brands and styles suit your baby and your lifestyle best. We also offer newborn kits designed for you to use cloth from birth until your baby fits birth to potty. It works a bit like a library. You can collect a bucket, one of each of the nappies we sell. plus a few others we think you should try, nappy liners, wraps, nippas, wetbag and washable wipes, everything you need to try real nappies for yourself. At the end of the 4 weeks, the bucket and contents are collected (less any paper liners or sanitizer you have used). A  birth to potty trial kittrial kit costs £20 to hire for a month. On collection of your bucket, you will receive a discount code to use in our online shop

  • The nappies in our trial kits are “birth to potty” which fit most babies from 8lbs to 35lbs and for that reason we recommend waiting until baby is at least 8lbs before booking your trial kit. We also have  newborn kits that will fit from 5lbs, these have just 2 nappy types in and are enough to use cloth full time from birth. These are particularly useful for parents who want to use cloth from birth and already have birth to potty nappies. If you have any questions during your trial don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to help. To take out a trial  or for more information contact us through the “contact us” tab or email Trials are collected from our base in Parenting North East, Arch 22, Forth Goods Yard, off Forth Banks, Newcastle, NE1 3PG   If you are outside these areas look on this map for your nearest nappy library Cloth Nappy Libraries

    Local nappy libraries:




  • Our current range includes:

    Tots Bots Easyfit Star

    A quick drying All in One nappy

    Bum Genius Freetime

    An all in one from an award winning company

    Bambino Mio Solo

    A quick drying all in one nappy in microfiber

    Close Pop-in

    A snap-in all in one system


    A innovative pocket nappy


    Affordable, ethical pocket nappy

    Bum Genius V5

    An award winning pocket nappy

    Gro Via

    A “hybrid” nappy that can be used with both washable and disposable inserts

    Tots Bots Peenut

    A new all in 2 bamboo nappy


    The super afforable all in two system from Ecopipo


    Big softee, an affordable, effective nappy

    Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch

    A very popular absorbant nappy


    A popular birth to potty two part nappy


    An economical flat nappy system from Bum Genius


    A cheap prefold system More details are here –  customer-pack-v3