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Grow Up Green
  • Parenting North East now run the nappy library. Details:

    Wanting to use cloth nappies, but don’t know where to start? We can help! We know that making the decision to use cloth nappies can be scary. There is so much choice on the market and it’s hard to know which to choose! But we can help, by explaining all the different types, and letting you try before you buy you can buy with confidence and know you are making the best choice for you (save money), your baby (fewer chemical, cute nappies) and the world (no piles in landfill!).

    Our nappy natter is on Thursday mornings 10-12 with a demo kit for you to see.

    We hold birth to potty kits that suit from about 8-9lbs (or 4kg) to around 35lbs (or 16kg). These are hot in demand and have a waiting list of about 4 weeks. These have 16 different nappies, in a selection of all in ones, pockets, all in twos, two parters and flat nappies. We provide liners, wetbag and washable wipes and can even lend you a bucket. These are designed to help you decide if cloth nappies are for you, and which styles and brands suit you best. They cost £20 for 4 weeks.

    We also have newborn kits, these fit from 5lbs (2.25kg) to 16lbs (7kg). There is a smaller selection of nappies, but enough to cloth a newborn full time. There are 10 newborn sized all in ones, 15 newborn 2 parters, 5 flat nappies and 6 small or extra small wraps. Again we provide liners, wetbag and washable wipes and a bucket if you need one. These are designed to allow you to cloth nappy from birth. These cost £30 for 8 weeks.

    If you want to use cloth nappies, but can’t afford to get started, we have a selection of long term loan kits of basic, but usable, preloved nappies. These have 20 pockets with a enough inserts, and 5 night nappies. These are available on a pay as you feel basis.

    To go on the waiting list for a 9lb-35lb kit click here

    To go on the waiting list for a newborn kit click here

    To book a private one to one nappy demo click here

    To discuss anything else or enquire about our long term kits, email to talk about getting one of these kits or to book a nappy demo and trial.

  •  If you are not local to Newcastle, find your local library on this map for your nearest nappy library Cloth Nappy Libraries

    Local nappy libraries: