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    One of the questions or comments I get about cloth nappies is whether they will cause fit issues with clothes. ┬áIt’s a question, like many in the cloth nappy world, where the answer is “well it depends!”

    It depends on the shape of your baby. My babies tend to be long and thin and so actually cloth nappies made their clothes fit better, and we often found we had more problems when we potty trained.

    It also depends on what nappies you are using. A lot of modern cloth nappies are very slim fitting, and won’t add much more bulk than a full disposable (remember, disposables are slim when you first put them on, but as they absorb urine, they swell).

    However, if you are finding that you are struggling to get trousers to fit your cloth bummed baby, here are some tips.

    1. 1. Some retailers are more generous with their hip allowances than others, so it can be a case of trial and error as to which ones fit best, but the cloth nappy users in chat groups routinely recommend H&M, Morrisons/Nutmeg, Sainsbury and Frugi as ones that tend to fit cloth nappied babies.
    2. 2. Go for stretchy fabric and elasticated waists. Leggings, joggers, tights etc.. will work better than jeans or cords. We have a lovely range of leggings with designs to suit all genders here
    3. 3. If it’s your vests that are the problem, consider vest extenders. These nifty little devices add a couple of inches to the bottom of your baby’s vests, meaning you don’t need to go up a size.
    4. 4. Consider the nappy as clothes! If your baby is in a cute nappy, just add a top and your good to go. In cooler weather you can use leg warmers to keep baby warm.
    5. 5. Shorts or crop trousers can work as long trousers the next size up.

    Comment below with which brands you find work on your cloth bummed little one.

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