• Great Cloth Diaper Change event!

    Real Nappy Week will be concluding with the Great Cloth Diaper (nappy) Change on the Saturday. Cloth nappy enthusiasts across the globe will be changing cloth nappies at exactly 11am their time on 20th April, to produce a giant Mexican wave of nappy changes from the Pacific Coast round to the far east! Most places are combining the record breaking attempt with family fun days including children’s entertainment, stalls, coffee and give aways!

    Last year’s attempt was for total number of nappies changed at exactly the same time and 8,251 nappies were changed. In order to achieve that, British groups were changing nappies at 5.30pm (9.30am PST) and European/Asian groups even later. Imagine how many we will be able to achieve with everyone changing at a much more sociable 11am!!

    Newcastle’s event is taking place at the Crisis Skylight Cafe, City Road, Newcastle, NE1 2AF and will start at 10am. There will be stalls for the grown ups to browse including Phoenix Cards, Forever Living and Grow Up Green. Entertainment for the little ones will be provided by Mini Maestros of South Shields. Crisis Skylight will be providing refreshments including home made cake.

    In order to help cover the costs of the event, a raffle is being held with prizes including: Blueberry one size nappy, Bambooty Nappy, something from Tiny Nippers nappies, a huge bottle of Violets laundry liquid, a gorgeous baby toiletries set from Bare Bodycare, a breastfeeding necklace from Mama Blessings, an address book from Sparkle Sand Art and others…

    If you can’t make the event and would like a raffle ticket they are £1 a strip, and any surplus made will go to Tiny Lives (which raises funds for the SCBU at our local hospital), drop me an email on aggie@growupgreen.co.uk and we’ll sort you out!

    There are also goody bags for each attendee, which will include samples and goodies, discount vouchers and more.

    So try and get yourself down to the Crisis Skylight Cafe on 20th April, with a baby prepared to change into a commercially available cloth nappy (Guinness regulations). Please bring a change mat or towel for your child to lie on to protect the cafe’s floor! Sign up here https://www.facebook.com/events/483251555071358/

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