• How do I use cloth nappies out and about?

    Limited edition Clarabugs@Grow Up Green wetbags

    Limited edition Clarabugs@Grow Up Green wetbags

    When talking about cloth nappies with new parents, I often get the question “but how do you go out and use cloth nappies, do you have to carry a dirty nappy around all day?”

    The short answer is “Yes, you need to bring your cloth nappy home with you,” but it isn’t as terrible as it sounds. The reason? Some genius invented wetbags! Wetbags are a waterproof bag, in which you can safely stash your wet and dirty nappies, any wet/dirty clothes and soggy burp cloths, to bring home and wash.

    Not all wet bags are created equal, and you do need to think about what you will be using them for before you buy. Small wetbags typically will only hold one or two nappies, mediums will hold a couple plus clothes, a large will hold a day’s worth etc.. Some wetbags have drawstrings, which are easy to use, but zips will hold the smell and dampness in better. Some are single layer PUL, some are beautiful cottons and lined in PUL. The choice is yours.

    The main things to bear in mind when taking cloth nappies out and about is – make sure you tip all solids into the toilet before bagging them, or you will have to take them out of the wetbag to deal with when you get home. The zip can deal with dampness, but not wringing wet, so probably not a good idea to sluice your nappy or overwet wipes before putting them in your wetbag.

    If you are interested in some lovely handmade, British made lined wetbags, check out our very own Clarabugs Wet Bags Р they really are beautiful, affordable and ethically produced!

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