• How to use cloth with newborns

    Lots of people when first looking into using cloth nappies don’t realise that “birth to potty” nappies are a bit of a misnomer. Most birth to potty nappies fit from around 8-9lbs (4-4.5kg). This means they don’t fit the average newborn that is in the UK is about 7lbs.

    So how do you cloth nappy a newborn?

    A newborn needs a lot of nappy changes – approximately every 2 hours for the first few weeks as their digestive system gets used to receiving nourishment from milk and not straight from the placenta. With this in mind you need up to 30 nappies to keep on top of the washing. You have a number of options as to what to use to cloth your baby.

    Newborn all in ones or pockets

    Newborn all in one

    These are nappies where the absorbent bit is either sewn to the waterproof bit, or the absorbent goes in a pocket so it is a complete nappy. They tend to fit from 5lbs to 12lbs. These are easy to use, change much like a disposable and are super cute looking. However, they are quite expensive, at around £10 per nappy and will only fit for a couple of months.

    Newborn all in one on baby

    Size one fitteds (or 2 part nappies)

    Diddy Diaper size 1

    These nappies are a nappy shaped absorbent layer, that you then put a waterproof cover. Size one nappies tend to fit from 5lbs to 16lbs, which means they can fit a baby for up to 6 months. They still retail at around the £10 mark, but are more absorbent and reliable than all in ones.

    Flat nappies

    Muslin in newborn pad fold

    Flat nappies such as terry squares, prefolds and muslins are by far the cheapest way of using cloth nappies from birth. Standard sized terry squares (60cm x 60cm) can be a little bulky on a small newborn, but can be folded to fit. Muslins are great as can be folded really small, and then used as burp cloths when they no longer work as nappies. Teamed with a small wrap they make great nappies.

    Baby in a muslin

    Hiring nappies

    Many nappy libraries hire newborn kits to help you use cloth from birth. Our newborn kits contain 10 all in one or pocket nappies, 15 size one fitteds, 6 wraps, 5 newborn prefolds, liners, wipes and wet bag. Contact us for more information

    You can find your local library here http://www.uknappynetwork.org/find-a-library.html

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