• Is it really cheaper to use cloth nappies?

    One of the first questions I am often asked when talking to new parents about cloth nappies is “How much do they cost?” This is a difficult question to answer as there is a huge gap between the cheapest and the most expensive cloth nappy systems, but I always reassure them that they will save money no matter which nappies they go for.

    “But, really?!” they ask, “Even with the cost of washing accounted for?”

    So here is a breakdown:

    For disposables:  The average child goes through 5,850 nappies in it’s lifetime. At an average of 15p per nappy that equals £877. £93 on nappy bags and £200 on wipes. Total £1170

    Yes, that much!

    Right, assuming 24 nappies and washing every other day:

    Expensive option

    mirror24 Bum Genius Freetime cost £363, 3 bamboozles and 2 wraps for nights cost £53, 30 washable wipes £18, 2 wetbags £24, bucket and accessories £50. Total £484. Washing £1 every other day for 2 years £365. Total £849

    Cheaper option:

    FlipOrgInsert3pk400x4005 Flip covers, 8 packs of day inserts and 2 packs of night inserts £200, wipes, wetbags, bucket and accessories £92. Total £292, plus washing
    Total £657



    Cheapest option

    Terry Squares, junior joy supreme

    Terry Squares

    24 terry squares £30, 5 birth to potty wraps £55, nappy nippas £3.50, accessories £92 Total £180, plus washing Total £545




    In summary, depending on which nappies you go for, you can save between £625 and £321 (although the actual amount will depend on which disposables you bought).  However, if you use your nappies for more than one child, or you sell them on when you are finished, you can save even more!

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