• Magic Eraser – truly magic!


    I spent quite a bit of time at the Highland Baby Show last week extolling the magical properties of the magic eraser.

    This clever little invention is a block of dense foam, which when wet can remove deep seated marks safely, without the need for chemicals or detergent. I have to say, the magic eraser was one of the many reasons I decided to become a Wikaniko rep (alongside my cloth nappy business!).

    I really put the eraser to the test last week. GUG3 – my littlest, who is not quite 2, had gotten his hands on his sister’s crayons.

    The result was this:


    In my hallway – all over the walls!

    I did not panic (well, only a little bit!)

    I went into the kitchen and got my magic eraser, cut of a square (if you do this it lasts ages!) and wet it.

    Wiped my walls and hey presto!


    No marks, paintwork in tact, as new!

    There is no end to how useful this little product can be. I’ve used it when baby doll had gone that funny grey colour that old dolls go, she now looks like new, I used it when my hubby’s black soled shoes had left scuff marks on the side of the bath, I’ve used it to get bluetack marks off the wall.. The list is endless in a house with small people in it!

    You can order yours here!  http://growupgreen.wikaniko.com/?redirect=magic-eraser.html Only £2.29 for a pack of 2!

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    1. ecomumof2 says:

      An absolute household essential with small people! My little-ist also fancies himself a bit of a Banksey and loves to decorate the walls! Sadly I only noticed some of them in our rented house before we left – got those ones, but the rest cost us a few quid from our deposit!

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