Make your own bathsalts


Want to make a lovely, affordable gift for a friend or loved one in time for the festive season? Here is a really simple recipe for bathsalts (and when I say simple, I made them with my Brownies one Mother’s Day!)

All you need is:

a pretty jar (you can upcycle a jam jar, or buy one specifically – the 1lb kilner jars you get in Ikea are great!)

Fill your jar just over half full with coarse sea salt (you can use Himalayan salt if you prefer, it’s more expensive, but a pretty pink colour!)

Then add epsom salts until there is about a centimeter left at the top

Fill to just about the top with bicarbonate of soda

Add a few drops of essential oil (I like lavender)

Mix it all up (if necessary tip it out into a bowl to mix and then put back in when blended properly.

If you want to make it even prettier, you can add dried flowers to match your essential oil. If you are using flowers, just put a bit less sea salt in to make room for the flowers.

There you have it, a pretty, eco-friendly gift for not very much at all! You will get 2 or 3 jars of bathsalts from the ingredients linked to and still have bicarb left over for cleaning or cooking!

All ingredients can be bought from

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