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    So, who would like £10 to spend on a nappy of your choice? Well, read ahead and you could win one!

    Grow Up Green has just started accepting the Nap Nap voucher, which, if you haven’t heard, is a fantastic gift voucher scheme for cloth nappies. It can be exchanged a variety of retailers, but only for cloth nappies or wraps. More details can found here

    To redeem a Nap Nap Voucher on Grow Up Green, click on “add note to seller” at check out and enter your voucher number. You will then receive a refund for the amount of your voucher, once the voucher number has been verified. Alternatively, you can email your order and voucher number to info@growupgreen.co.uk and you will be sent an invoice for the cost of your order less the value of your voucher. Simples!

    To celebrate this new partnership, I have a £10 Nap Nap voucher to give away!

    To enter, just comment below, saying what you love about cloth nappies. You can also gain extra entries by tweeting “I want to win a @napnaphq cloth nappy voucher with @growupgreen #win #clothnappies”

    Entries must be earned by Monday 8th July at 8pm.

    Good luck!

    20 responses to “Nap Nap Voucher Competition”

    1. lucysarahsmith says:

      I love cloth nappies because they are soft on my girls skin and god know how much landfill I would have created over the years without them. I have used them on last 5 of 7 children!!!! I also love watching them go round in the machine and hanging them out to dry

    2. lucysarahsmith says:

      I love cloth nappies because I have used them on 5 of my 7 children they are so soft on babys skin and knowing I’ve saved lots of money on disposables and stopped lots of landfill over the years is a big plus for me. I also like watching them in the machine and hanging them out to dry. I love my cloth nappies I wouldn’t be without them xxxx

    3. ruthcumming says:

      I love cloth nappies because they look so cute, they save me money and I’m not putting chemicals net to my boys’ bottoms. And I’m probably addicted to them too by now 😉

    4. crutters says:

      I love cloth nappies because they’re amazeballs in every way. Pretty, money saving, environmentally friendly… There’s no actual downside at all! And who doesn’t need that one extra nappy?!

    5. Zoe says:

      I love a big fat cloth bum on my baby! Using mine for 2nd time on DS, dd now 4.5yo love saving money and this time I’m using washable wipes too!

    6. Petit Mom says:

      I love cloth nappies because they are cheaper than disposables and kinder to the skin.

    7. I love cloth nappies as they are soooo pretty 🙂 I am looking forward to having another baby in cloth come oct

    8. Shona Palmer says:

      I love cloth nappies, they’re so kind to my little one’s skin, not a trace of nappy rash since using them. And they’re way funkier than sposies – cloth bots rock! Xx

    9. Sylvia Hampel says:

      I love cloth bums cos they re not just pretty and environmentally friendly they also got a better more comfy fit and save on pants to go over them under little miss dresses, lol. X

    10. tiasmum12 says:

      Where to start? I love that they are not full of nasties, I love that they are so pretty. I love that they save me money (pretties not included! )
      I love looking after them, washing and stuffing ect. It’s a real labour of love.

    11. Nicola Cleary says:

      I love the money I save by using fluff!

    12. We love cloth nappies because they’re eco friendly, economical, easy to use and breathable. We don’t like nasties and so wouldn’t dream of putting chemicals on our girls bum!

    13. Mr and Mrs R says:

      The thing I love most about cloth nappies is that in this got weather my daughter can wear just a nappy and look dressed!

    14. Mr and Mrs R says:

      I love using cloth nappies as my daughter can wear just a lovely fluffy nappy in this hot weather and looks dressed!

    15. hanna says:

      I love cloth nappies because they are fluffy, cute and brighten up my washing line!!

    16. Michelle Green says:

      I love cloth nappies because they save us so much money, they look super cute and I never have to worry about running out. Add to that the benefits to the planet that we are leaving to our children’s children and its a no brainer!

    17. Laura Howes says:

      I love cloth nappies for so many reasons. There’s the environmental factors, plus I’ve saved so much money already. But the main reason has got to be that they’ve saved me from divorce so many times. How? I hear you ask.
      If I fancy a fluff fix they’re much cheaper than slings!

    18. Rachel warden says:

      I love cloth nappies because they are so easy to use! They’ve stopped my three month old getting nappy rash and makes her bum look super pretty. I also love cloth nappies because its helped me meet lots of lovely friends who are have cloth bummed children.

    19. growupgreen says:

      Enteries have closed for this competition and the Winner is Sophie (@optforoptimism) who entered via Twitter

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