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    Nooks sling boots – purple pink and lemon 12-18m


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    At last! Sling boots that stay on. These superb Nooks sling boots have come from Canada, where they know all about keeping babies nice and warm. Made from Moccasin hide and upcycled wool jumpers each pair of boots is unique. The wool is felted, to make them water tight and snug to the leg, and if they are still a bit loose when you get them, wash them, then briefly tumble dry to shrink them a touch to fit. Genius!

    The moccasin hide leather soles provide a slip-proof surface that’s perfect for indoor use on laminate wood or tiled surfaces, and is even durable enough to be used for light outdoor use in dry conditions.

    Each pair of boots is entirely unique, so once it’s gone, it’s gone and the next ones I order in will be completely different again.

    If you are unsure of sizing – check their sizing chart here


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