What happens in Real/Reusable Nappy Week?

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It’s April, and all the cloth nappy retailers and manufacturers are going a bit crazy, their to do lists are pages long, they are working loooong hours… Why? Because, it’s nearly Reusable Nappy Week!

Whispers are already starting on the cloth nappy boards – it’s nearly Real Nappy Week, wait for Real Nappy Week, I’m so excited about Real Nappy Week…

But, what is Real Nappy Week?

Real Nappy Week is a week in April, originally decided by Go Real, but taken up by cloth nappy associations, retailers and manufacturers, where we shout to the world about how awesome cloth nappies are.

This year Real Nappy Week runs from the 18th-26th April.

You’ll love it, because most retailers offer a massive discount during RNW, the Reusable Nappy Association, Go Real and the Great British Nappy Hunt run competitions to win lots of cloth nappies and accessories.

But, it is also an opportunity for you to spread the cloth love. Take your pregnant/new mummy friend along to a cloth nappy event – check out your local cloth nappy library  or the Go Real website to find events near you. You can even collect stickers at events that will enable you to enter another competition to win more nappies!

Here at Grow Up Green, we have 3 events during RNW:

A Great Cloth Diaper Change international world record attempt on the 18th April, 10-12

A meetup joint with Durham Nappy Library at Ikea Gateshead on 21st April, 1-3

A pregnancy social joint with Parenting North East on 24th April, 6pm-8pm

I will also be offering 20% off all orders with the code RNW15 – but don’t get excited, it won’t work until the 17th April, when our new website goes live.

So have fun, grab some fluff and spread the word about how awesome cloth nappies are!

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