• What to get a baby for it’s first Christmas…

    baby's first christmasI remember each of my 3 children’s first Christmases. It is an exciting time, and, as I have winter babies, they were nearly a year old.

    Everyone says Christmas is a time for families. This year, finally you have your own. It is exciting, thrilling. Finally, you get to share the wonder and magic of Christmas with your own tiny bundle of joy.

    Then the question pops into your head. What are you going to get this precious little child for it’s very first Christmas. Surely it should be something amazing, awe-inspiring, a thing to entertain them for months to come. You start to see the posts on social media, showing mountains of presents. Baby forums start to fill up with the question “what are you getting your baby for Christmas?” The budget some people are stating in the hundreds.

    Well, you see, I like to be a bit counter cultural. All of my children just got stockings for their first Christmas’. Yes, that’s right, a large sock filled with things I knew they’d love – a bath toy, their favourite food (I really did put a  banana in  my eldest son’s first stocking), a board book, a new beaker. Small things, nothing significant.

    You may think I am a bit mad (many people do!). But they way I saw it was this. At not quite 1, my children had no understanding of what Christmas is all about. As far as they are concerned, it is just another day. In fact, a lot of babies are a bit overwhelmed on their first Christmas day with all the hustle and bustle, presents, food, people  – just take a look at the face of my youngest on his first Christmas in the picture above, and  we hadn’t arrived at Nana’s yet, with all the people that involves!

    In addition, we are blessed with a HUGE extended family. So my children are always inundated with gifts, far more than any one child needs (I have been known to give away presents to other families, and I am training my family on more ethical gift giving – there are some ideas here)

    No, a tiny baby does not need lavishing with countless gifts on Christmas day. They need that which they need every day – to be loved, to be cuddled, to have their needs met and to feel secure.

    So spend your baby’s first Christmas with those that love him or her, cuddle them, hold them, sing to them. Start family traditions to carry forward if you will (we do stockings in front of the fire while eating a continental breakfast picnic – my kids look forward to this as a big part of Christmas these days!), but don’t overspend on gifts. They are not needed just yet.


    (If you want some ideas of nice stocking fillers for your little one, check out our gift range here)

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