• Why all parents should own some terry squares…

    Every family should own a pack of terry squares.

    Yes, I know that is controversial. As a nappy advocate, I should be convincing people that modern cloth nappies are a far cry from the “old-fashioned” terry square. I am supposed to tell you that modern cloth nappies are so much better; no pins, no rubber pants, no folding, no soaking…

    And I do. I am a huge fan of modern nappies, their ease and simplicity mean that switching from disposables is really not very hard at all.


    There are many good reasons why all parents, especially cloth bum families, should have a pack of terry squares in the house:

    1. 1. You never run out of nappies. So you forgot to pick up your disposables when you did the supermarket shop, or your fancy all in ones are refusing to dry and your tumbler is on the blink. Never fear, a few quick folds (youtube is your friend here), a nappy nippa and a waterproof cover and you are good to go until you sort the problem. One size fits all, birth to potty. I used them exclusively for the first 6 months with my eldest, and as a back up nappy with both the other two, And they dry on the line in about an hour!
    2. 2. They are great for nappy free time with a not-yet-mobile baby. Just fold a terry under their bum while they kick and catch any unfortunate accidents.
    3. 3. You have an emergency burp cloth, no matter where you are. Forgot the muslin, no fear, you have a terry in your bag.
    4. 4. You have an emergency bib. Weaning children whether spoon fed or self feeding make a terrible mess. If you forget to take a bib out for lunch Oh Oh! But tie and terry square around a babies neck and they are protected pretty much head to foot!
    5. 5. You can clean up any mess or spills – crawling baby knocks over someone’s drink? No problem. Slide too wet to use after a summer shower. Dry in seconds.
    6. 6. It is effectively, a towel, so if your toddler is terrified of hand dryers (mine is!) then you can at least dry their hands (and yours when you have nipped to the toilet)
    7. 7. Finally, they are quite literally a God-send when you are potty training. As a mother of 2 boys (and it is more of a problem with those who pee out an appendage) – I found a stack of terry squares, plus a bottle of anti-bacterial spray was the only way to get through the “oops I miss-aimed” “mummy I forgot to point my penis down” moments.

    Have you got yours? At £25 for a pack of twelve – you can’t really go wrong!

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