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    The question I dread being asked when talking about cloth nappies is “What should I buy?” You’d think, being a retailer that I would love that question, an opportunity to sell, to recommend an expensive product. But I don’t enjoy it at all, because there is no right or wrong answer.

    So I tend to answer like this:

    I recommend you book a trial with us for after baby is born.

    This is not so that I get extra money from you, the hire fee and a nice sale at the end. On the contrary, it is to stop you making an expensive mistake.

    You see, every baby is a different shape, every family has a different budget and every household has different priorities and facilities for washing and drying. What suits one family perfectly might be a nightmare for others. I have heard too many horror stories of “I bought a full birth to potty kit of (insert brand name of nappy of your choice), but… they were too bulky/they kept leaking/I couldn’t get a good fit/they took too long to dry…

    By trying cloth nappies before you buy them you can work whether you want to use the full time or part time, what styles and brands suit you and your lifestyle best, how easy they are to wash and dry and how that fits in with your lifestyle, with little or no commitment up front.

    The Grow Up Green trial kits are available to hire in Tyne and Wear and Northumberland, and surrounding areas. One of our agents will bring the trial kit to you, talk you through all the different kinds of nappies, their pros and cons, how to care for them and wash them. There are 14 or so nappies in it, 2 different kinds of liners, a wet bag and washable wipes. It even comes in a bucket, so you don’t even need a bucket to get started! Check out our trial kit page for more details and to contact us.

    If you don’t live in the North East, don’t despair! There is an amazing network of cloth nappy libraries, staffed by wonderful volunteers, throughout the UK. These are cloth nappy using parents who are very knowledgeable about cloth nappies. Check out this map to see where the nearest one is to you. Your local library should have a Grow Up Green discount code for users of their service, so ask them! But if they don’t, tell them to get in touch to get one…

    If using nappies used by someone else makes you feel uncomfortable (and I hope it doesn’t – they are all washed at high temperatures with sanitiser before rehiring), then drop me a line to chat about your lifestyle and only buy one or two nappies until you’ve tried them out. With a little perseverance and patience, I am sure we can find a nappy that suits you and your lifestyle.

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    1. fairycat says:

      I agree so much! But for those who don’t have a library, I think pre-loved lots are the next best way to go. But buying only one style, almost always fails.

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